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I would like to share with you on Microsoft Surface Pro that I have bought recently. The reason that I have bought this so called "Laptop in tablet form" was that it is a laptop that run full version of MS Window 8. You can install software to Surface Pro just like you did in your laptop and PC. There is also a USB 3.0 port for you to do the transfer of any files, be it movies, photo, MS documents name it. As for the storage, it come with 64GB and 128GB. No doubt there is a setback for the amount of storage you will get from the SSD, like you will get 23GB for 64GB and 89GB for 128GB SSD, I can still connect to any thumbdrive and portable hard disks for more spaces. As for the casing, Surface Pro casing is made of VaporMag which is more durable and not cheap plastic. Moreover, it is still worthto get the Surface Pro as the price is cheaper than it competitors with the same Intel i5 chip and OS.

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Something to share.

1. How to print screen with your Surface Pro?

a) On the table, hold on the Window logo and press the volume down button on the side of the tablet.
b) Once it is done, the screen will flash to indicate to you that the screen has been captured. You can paste it to any photo editor or document.

2. Surface Pro and Screen Rotation Issue

Assuming you are signed in, do not have an external monitor attached, and the screen won’t rotate:

a) Open Settings in the Windows charms:
- Press the gear (F8) key on the Type Cover keyboard, or
- Swipe from the right edge of the screen toward the middle, and then select Settings, or
- Press Windows-C, and then select Settings, or
- Move the mouse pointer to the upper-right or lower-right corner of the screen, and then select Settings, or

b) Select Screen. The screen orientation lock and screen brightness control will be displayed.

c) If the screen orientation lock above the brightness slider is disabled (grayed out), then
- Flip the Type Cover behind the Surface to disable the keyboard, or
- Turn the device into portrait mode. You will need to select Screen again to show the lock and slider as it will close when you rotate the device, or
- Remove the Type Cover.

d) Tap or click on the screen rotation lock icon above the brightness slider.

Step #3 is missing from the official troubleshooting page:

Please do look out for more sharing on Microsoft Surface Pro.

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