How to add shared calendar to your Outlook?

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Once again, I would like to share with you on "How to add shared calendar to your Outlook". We might know that the shared calendar can be shared by using "Sharing invitation". But do you know that if the calendar already set its permission to the intended users, you can add the shared calendar using the method below or view the video guide that was created by my colleague, Rahman.
The url is

Step 1: Please make sure that you select "Calendar" first and then click on "File".

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Step 2:

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Step 3: This box appears after you clicked on "Open User's Folder" - type in the shared calendar name.

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Step 4: Select the shared calendar and click "Ok" - Please note that you must be granted permission to the shared calendar.

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Step 5: That's it. You have added the shared calendar to your Outlook. Cheers!

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Thank you.

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