How to improve Microsoft Surface RT/PRO Battery life

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This is important especially to Surface Pro as the battery can only last for 4-5 hours. Here are the tips to improve your Surface Pro battery life.

1. Lower the Screen Brightness

Disabling auto-brightness feature increases the battery’s potential.
A bright screen is not good if there is no power nearby. Go into the PC settings to adjust the brightness.

2. Limit Syncing
Syncing a amount of content on Surface Pro heavily impact how long the device lasts. Let it take a breather please.

3. Disable Bluetooth
If there is no any Bluetooth devices connected, go to disable Bluetooth service.

4. Use Airplane Mode
When you are reading books or doing things on the Surface without requiring internet access, enable Airplane mode in Windows 8 to disable the wireless, bluetooth, and other mobile network connections.

5. Consume less content
Don’t taking a long time to watch HD youtube videos or play games online.

6. Limit your connections
To get a longer lasting battery, you’d better turn off WiFi when not in use.

7. Last ditch effort
To clear out any bugs negatively affecting battery life, do a refresh your PC and then make the latest Windows updates.

Hope the tips are useful to you.

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