Your Presentation Choice: PowerPoint or Prezi?

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You may have heard of PowerPoint. You may have also heard being "bulleted" to death long boring PowerPoint presentations. PowerPoint has been criticized for its linear and typical slide stack layout and its lack of variety in presentation formats.

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And then you have Prezi. If you haven’t heard of Prezi, it is simply a web based presentation application that allows you to organize points on a large virtual “mind map” like canvas. You then have the ability to move from point to point by moving the canvas screen and with motion animations such as rotation, left and right movement and zooming in and out to observe details.

Here are some examples of Prezi presentations for you.

What Prezi offers is a cool and non-linear way to present information, a fresh approach as opposed to “boring old PowerPoint”. It offers interesting templates on its website that you can readily use to organize your information. But it does have one major drawback. Many Prezi users and viewers have complained that the motion causes “morning sickness” with many experiencing headaches.

Prezi is not recommended these types of presentations:
  • Text laden information (academic documents, thesis, references, etc)
  • Hierarchical Information (Organization charts, department duty listings etc)
  • Information that requires many layers of explanation
Prezi works very well for these:
  • Diagram Illustrations and Pictorial Content
  • Giving a “bird’s eye view” of a process
  • Information that is spatially related (Geography, Floor plans, Mind Maps)
  • Brainstorming Ideas
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