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  1. Surface RT recovery image released to fix Windows RT 8.1 update issues

    There has been an issues on Window 8.1 update for Microsoft Surface RT. Currently, the software maker has removed Window 8.1 update from Window store. It was reported that the Surface RT devices failing to boot after the installation.

    Microsoft has revealing that less than 0.1 percent of Surface RT customers were negatively affected by the original update. There is not information on when the new Window 8.1 update will be available. Microsoft has released a Surface RT recovery image ...
  2. How do I upgrade to Window 8.1? - Part 2

    Now you will need to make some more decisions. Next you will see the Settings screen.

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    You can make some choices here, but clicking “Use express settings” is probably the easiest. You will be asked to sign in to your Microsoft account. Then a bit of extra security measures. You will be asked to how you want to receive a numeric code.

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    If you have set up your Microsoft account with email. You ...

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  3. How do I upgrade to Window 8.1? - Part 1

    Now everyone with Window 8 installed in their system can get Window 8.1 at no extra cost. Before you do anything silly, please backup your computer. So be safe and careful on this.

    Do allow plenty of time like an hour or so for the upgrade. If it takes less than an hour, it will be good for you. All depends on the network bandwidth. The faster, the better.

    The procedures is quite easy. First, go to Start sceen and click on the store tile. You will see the invitation to ...
  4. Windows 8.1 – Start button has returned

    Microsoft has added the start button into Window 8.1. Start button was missing in Window 8 and many users found it difficult or not get use to it.
    The new start button has new logo from the one in Window 7. It is located at the down in the lower left corner of the task bar. It does not have the same appearance of the Window 7 and it does not work the same either.

    Click image for larger version

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    When you click on the Window 8.1 ...
  5. Outlook Configuration for your Surface PRO/RT

    Once again, I would like to share my bit on Outlook 2010/2013 configuration for NIE Outlook mail. There is a user guides provided by NIE Wireless team but there is something that I would like you to take note while configuring your NIE Outlook account in your Surface PRO/RT.

    I assumed that you have connected to NIE wireless network either NIEWL or iSurf.

    Please follow strictly to the NIE email proxy setting guides. One thing that you need to pay special attention is to ...

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