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  1. Joining Mac OS to Windows Active Directory

    Mac system can join Windows domain. Please follow the following steps to join your mac to Windows Active Directory.
    One advanage is that any domain user can now log on to the machine without a local account being setup first.
    Just like a Windows OS. I will update more if there are new findings, enjoy the new experience.

    Please let me know if you encounter any issue.

    1) From Finder, select Apple icon >click Systems Preferences.

    2) Under

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  2. Open Source Physics Simulations by lookang

    Journal Papers

    Wee L.K., Charles Chew, Goh G.H.,Lee T.L.,Samuel Tan (2012) Using Tracker as a Pedagogical Tool for Understanding Projectile Motion XX(X), XXX (manuscript under peer review for publication)
    Wee L.K. (2012) One-Dimensional Collision Carts Computer Model and its Design Ideas for Productive Experiential Learning Physics Education XX(X), XXX (accepted for publication)
    Wong, D., Sng, P. P., Ng, E. H., & ...
  3. Dual Boot Windows 8 on Windows 7 Primary Host

    You can now install Windows 8 Consumer Preview into a virtual hard disk (VHD) on your existing Windows 7 Host. Your system will dual boot in both Windows 8 Consumer Preview and Windows 7. You can also choose to install Windows 8 in Oracle VM VirtualBox.

    To make this guide easier to read, I will separate it into 3 parts.

    Part I
    - Downloading Windows 8 which comes with a Product Key: DNJXJ-7XBW8-2378T-X22TX-BKG7J. You will be prompted during installation.


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  4. Microsoft Surface RT vs. Pro: You Decide

    The newest Microsoft product has come to town and the buzz is louder than it ever has been. The Surface Pro is Microsoft’s latest tablet and it is arriving on the heels of their earlier model, the Microsoft Surface RT. So what does the Pro have that you won’t find in the RT?

    From a design standpoint, the tablets look pretty similar. But the similarity stops at design.
    These two models vary widely in things like size, price, software, applications, screen, battery and connectivity. ...

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  5. How to set default program to open certain file types?

    Have you encounter difficulties in setting the default program to open certain files in your computer? Or don not know how to change the program to open certain file types? By reading this post, you might get some ideas to solve you problem.

    You might see a white blank icon sitting on your desktop or when you click the file and it does not open the program that it suppose to open.

    Click image for larger version

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ID:	195 This icon is just for example only. You can see that it is supposed ...
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