1. How to improve Microsoft Surface RT/PRO Battery life

    This is important especially to Surface Pro as the battery can only last for 4-5 hours. Here are the tips to improve your Surface Pro battery life.

    1. Lower the Screen Brightness

    Disabling auto-brightness feature increases the battery’s potential.
    A bright screen is not good if there is no power nearby. Go into the PC settings to adjust the brightness.

    2. Limit Syncing
    Syncing a amount of content on Surface Pro heavily impact ...
  2. Microsoft Surface Pro

    I would like to share with you on Microsoft Surface Pro that I have bought recently. The reason that I have bought this so called "Laptop in tablet form" was that it is a laptop that run full version of MS Window 8. You can install software to Surface Pro just like you did in your laptop and PC. There is also a USB 3.0 port for you to do the transfer of any files, be it movies, photo, MS documents files....you name it. As for the storage, it come with 64GB and 128GB. No doubt there is ...

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